Is It Time to Partner With a Healthcare Staffing Agency?

Do you feel that the methods you use to staff your medical facility are up to par? We’ve identified some of the signs that show your facility is understaffed. This could also mean that there are many things that have fallen between the cracks and that you do not realize there is even a problem. This can be dangerous considering we’re dealing with patient care. Here are some subtle signs that it might be time to team up with a medical staffing agency.

Your Staff is Showing Signs of Being Burnt Out
When a healthcare facility is understaffed, it doesn’t mean you can simply put off some of the work until your back to full capacity. Depending on the type of facility, your workload could change daily based on the need, which most times is completely out of your control. In fact, ignoring these signs could not only lead to lost productivity, but even more serious, devastating accidents. If your team members are working non-stop without the proper amount of downtime, you need to do something about it now. A staffing agency is the perfect solution for meeting short-term needs as their nurses are accustomed to working flexible schedules, or joining you full-time if that’s what you need. You are able to choose the type of help that best fits your ever-changing needs:

  • Temporary
  • Part-time
  • Permanent Hires

Overtime is Out of Control
Pay attention to payroll and time clocks. This is one of the ways you can catch this challenge early, BEFORE your team gets burnt out. Staffing shortages happen but if you catch it early, you have a great chance of retaining your team, while augmenting with part-time help while you stabilize so that you can think clearly. Your long-term employees will be up to the challenge for a short time, but don’t take advantage as good medical team members are tough to find.

Scheduling Has Become a Full Time Job
You have a number of tasks on your plate and scheduling shouldn’t be the one that’s filling it up. It’s a significant responsibility, but if it’s turning into a full-time role, there’s something wrong. Do you find that you’re juggling time-off requests, last-minute call-ins, or constantly approving overtime? If so, this is a clear indication that your staffing needs are critical.

When you work closely with a good staffing firm, your time will be freed up to focus, which will make you a more productive and effective leader.