Are you having a difficult time coming up with ideas to make your life better, healthier, and more profitable?

To follow are some suggestions to make it happen!


Many times we fail at our resolutions because day-to-day life simply gets in the way. Be realistic and set goals that aren’t so far out of reach that it will never happen. Write down your goals, and how you intend to get there, so that you see them every day. This exercise will make it easier for you to actually get there. Start small and then continue to build.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll work towards taking the next step in your career

You may love your job, but… if you want to move up, sometimes your current situation does not have any opportunity in sight. However, if you have future options in your current company, take the time to learn about what it will take to get that promotion. Do you need additional skills? If so, lay out a plan to learn and start working on them when you can. Of course, don’t let it interfere with your current job as you want to continue to shine. Start working on those. Sometimes it’s as easy as talking to your boss to allow him/her to guide you.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the top reasons people get sick. And, it can reduce your overall happiness. Find an outlet to take your mind off things that cause stress. Is there a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Find outlets that will make you feel more calm and centered and incorporate into your daily routine.

Establish and build upon your network

A professional network is one of the biggest assets for your career. Use them as a sounding board, or to open a door for new opportunities. Even though social media may seem like an easy introduction to a vast amount of people, it is also less personal and may not reap you the rewards you’re seeking when it comes to your career.

Set a goal to increase your network and reach out to friends, and friends of friends, to get the ball rolling. Joining professional organizations will also help bridge the gap to meeting new people.

Take risks

Be open to new opportunities. It may be an extra project within your company that puts you on unfamiliar territory, but, you could learn something new while increasing your skillset.

It’s a new year which means a new you. You don’t have to tackle every one of our suggestions, but as long as you’re willing to try new things and remain focused, you will have a full year of success, and most importantly, health and happiness.

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