There are many perks and benefits, and the trend is growing. Have you ever wanted to check out new places and experience other cultures? And, how about making new friends outside of your immediate area?

One of the most significant advantages is the fact that in addition to having a mini-vacation, you will also receive:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Great Benefits
  • Free Housing

How to Choose the Right Opportunity

Travel opportunities are available in all 50 states and generally last 13 weeks or more and are all based on the needs of the facility. When choosing, please keep the following in mind as one or more could be great incentives:

  • An opportunity that interests you
  • Work near friends or family
  • Testing the waters before a permanent move
  • Extracurricular activities in that area
  • Compensation and housing benefits
  • Weather

Many nurses appreciate a travel nurse opportunity as they can be flexible with their work schedule while gaining exposure to new places. Plus, their accommodations are generally included as well as reimbursement of travel expenses. The higher level of pay is definitely another incentive.

Vacation Without Denting Your Budget

Is there is a location you have always wanted to visit? You can do so without the cost of housing and other expenses. Your only overhead would be for any activities you do while exploring these new and exciting locations, although higher pay will help with the fun!

Oh the Places You Can Go

Choose places that interest you, and if you’re not sure, do your research. You may have never thought of going to Michigan, but… did you know there’s a tremendous amount of beauty and history there? Are you in a warm environment and have always wanted to make snow angels? Or in a typically cold place and want to frolic on the beach? The sky is the limit if you take the time to plan.

You can check items off of your bucket list while seeing new places and making friends from other parts of the country. Another perk is that you have complete control over where and when you would like to work.

Be flexible as not every assignment is in what some would consider prime locations. Be open to new places, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the adventure you will have no matter where you are.

Fresh Perspective

Tired of the same ole’ job where nothing ever changes? Becoming a travel nurse helps you continue to be excited to go to “work,” especially when that means you could be in multiple locations in a year.

Plus, you avoid all of the trappings of a typical staff nurse so that you can focus on what you love, and that’s patient care.

No need to join a hospital committee – unless you want to

Skip the office politics – unless you enjoy chats at the water cooler

The Power of Green

Travel nurse’s pay is generally higher, and the majority of your salary is tax-free (check with your accountant for guidelines) because you’re traveling more than 50 miles from home. Your benefits and bonus are also more, which is always a sweet enticement to jump on the Travel Nurse train.

Travel nursing provides adventure, reliably competitive income, and the flexibility to be the nurse you want to be in the places that speak to you.

Join the Growing Trend

GenCare Resources has many travel nurse positions with new opportunities coming in each day.

Ready for an adventure, higher pay, and flexibility to be the nurse you want to be?

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